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                     Studio Drum Tracks are now available from Rory Faciane

Individual mono drum tracks include: 1, 2 or 3 kick tracks (kick in, kick out and sub kick) 2 snare
tracks (top snare and bottom snare)  2, 3 or 4 tom tracks,  individual cymbal tracks (hi hat, crash, ride,
splash and china tracks).
Individual stereo tracks include:  overhead stereo track and 2 sets of stereo
room tracks set future apart for distance and slap back. Also i have a wide variety of percussion that can
be used and tracked in the same fashion as the drum tracks. Drum tracks will be sent dry and flat with no
effects unless otherwise noted.

Getting started

Email an MP3 of your song to me, so we can communicate on what direction will be taken on your tune.

  • Export a stereo .WAV Broadcast wav file or any mono tracks I will need to play long to. Tell me the
    tempo marking as well . I find .wav files work best but a mp3 will work too.

  • You can send me as many instruments as you want but I can get the job done with the above
    tracks. Also PLEASE state what bit rate you want your files at. The usual rate is 24bit-44K . But let
    me know prior so I can set up my recordings to fit.

  • I like to keep communications open so I can give you exactly what you want on your song.

  • Once we have agreed on the final tracks, I'll upload and send you the files via the internet or mail a
    DVD of your session files.

  • The overall system of sending files back an forth has really come along way so it's really very easy
    and most recording systems( Nuendo, Pro Tools , and all others) seem to work just fine.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you export your tracks at zero dB and from the beginning of
    the song to the end, just like it appears on your computer

  • After  the drum tracks are finished, I will email you an MP3 of the tracks in a mix. You will
    review the track, approve or make adjustments where needed. Upon approval of the drum
    tracks, the payment will be due on the tracks, I will send out the tracks to you on a data CD
    or upload your tracks via the internet for you to import into your system.
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