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Snare Drums
The Metal Collection
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1970 Ludwig 6.5x14 Brass Black Beauty
1980 Ludwig 6.5x14 Bronze Black Beauty
Zildjian/Noble & Cooley 5x14 seamless cast bronze shell
Tama bell brass 6.5x14 seamless cast brass shell
D.W. 6x14 cast bronze shell
Dunnett 6.5x14 Titanium shell
Ocheltree 6.5.x14 cast carbon steel shell
Keplinger/Ayotte 6x13 stainless steel shell
Trick 6.5x14 seamless cast aluminum shell
Rogers Dynasonic 6.5 x14 chrome over brass shell
Beni 6.5x14 Black Russian
5x14 ThunderbirdZ solid seamless carbon steel shell
1920 Ludwig 5x14 brass shell
The Wood Collection
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Luka 6.5x14 - 1/4 thick solid seamless sugar maple shell
Luka 6.5x14 - 1/2 thick solid seamless sugar maple shell
Luka 7x12 - solid seamless maple shell
Luka 8x10 - solid seamless maple shell
D.W. Edge 6x14 - maple/brass shell
D.W. Craviotto 5x14 - steam bent 1ply maple
Witt 5x14 - steam bent 1 ply maple shell
Peavey 5.5x14 - stave maple shell
Sonor 10 - jungle snare.
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10” and 11” oak congas
tabla set
14 key C lydian/G major tongue drum
various shakers
jam blocks
Cymbals and Hardware
Various Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Bosphorus, Istanbul and Wuhan Cymbals.
Drum Workshop hardware stands and pedals.
New Complete Roland Digital TD-20 V-DRUM Drumset. TD-20 Percussion Sound Module with over 500
tunable sounds, improved dynamics and sensitivity, plus CompactFlash storage and V-LINK.15
dual-trigger inputs, 8 audio outputs and built in digital effects with room and microphone simulation.
Electronic Drums
Percussion, Cymbals, and Hardware
Drumset #1
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Ocheltree Phantom Nickel Carbon
Steel Drumset

Shell Material - Solid Seamless Cast
Carbon Steel

Tom Sizes - 8x7, 10x8, 12x9, 16x16,
and 18x16

Bass Drum Size - 22x16
Drumset #2
Luka Drumset

Shell Material - Solid Seamless Sugar
Maple (hollowed out of a log) in natural
satin finish

Tom sizes - 10x8, 12x9, 14x14 and

Bass Drum size - 22x18
Drumset #3
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1940 Premier Birch Drumset

Silver Sparkle

Refinished and restored

Shell Material - 3 ply Birch

Tom Sizes - 12x9 and 14x12

Bass Drum Size - 20x14